GoldSkull Pro Video Reviews

What happens when you send a sceptic an electric head shaver? Check out the video from Mike aka @bald_and_strong. We hit him up on Instagram and asked if he'd give some honest feedback on our razor vs his preferred method of shaving with a manual bladed razor. He gives lots of positives & an interesting part of his feedback was around the fact that the electric razor doesn't cut as close as a blade which some head shavers prefer. We wanted to provide both options for our customers and we will soon be launching SkullGlider™, our bladed head shaver. Thanks for the feedback Mike!

When we came across Sheba Salvic aka @shebaldnbeautiful, we loved her style and were keen for her to test out our head shaver. Spoiler alert, she loved it. Review starts at 1min10secs.

None of our reviewers were paid for their feedback.