Choosing Your Razor


Finding the right model of GoldSkull Pro simply comes down to your preferred blade type, everything else is the same.


Blade Comparison

THE SPHYNX (Available on 1.0 models)

Our original blade that will always have a special place in our bathroom. The Sphynx set the standard for modern head shavers, offering super sharp blades set within individual compartments that flex with the contours of the head and scoop up that freshly mowed hair.

THE TURTLE (Available on 2.0 models)

We wanted to create a blade that was little less fiddly for those larger digits and so The Turtle was born. It offers the same 5 blade configuration as The Sphynx but covers a much larger area due to the extra large blades. Closer shave in less time anyone?

THE BALD EAGLE (Available on 3.0 models)

When you take the size of The Turtle and combine with the mechanism of The Sphynx, you get The Bald Eagle. Extra large blade compartments are accompanied with a heavy duty shell making this a great option for those looking for the ultimate shave.

How we compare against the competition 

You're considering taking the plunge but wondering how we stack up against the competition? We've put together a handy comparison so you can check out the stats.


 Features GoldSkull PRO Most Competitors
Lithium battery 600mAh 
Running time 90m 60m
USB charging

Digital display

Travel lock protection

Waterproof Grade* IPX6 IPX5
Barber Clippers + 3 Combs
Face Cleaning Brush x 2
Nose Trimmer
Under £80?


 What are you waiting for? Get your GOLDSKULL PRO today.

*IPX5 - Can resist a sustained, low-pressure water jet spray vs IPX6 - Can resist high-pressure, heavy sprays of water.